Grade 6/7’s to Camp Muskoka

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Ms. Hoskins’ grade 6/7 class had a fabulous snowy adventure at Camp Muskoka. The focus of the trip (besides FUN) was to build group trust, kindness and nurture leadership and co-operative skills. We did it all! Our leaders took us through several group low rope challenges designed to help us safety and support each other to achieve a goal. Everyone was happy and tired when we hit the lodge for lunch. Our ‘hoppers’ gathered the soup and then we all headed to the buffet- some of us several times. The hot chocolate on tap was enjoyed by all. After lunch we tackled the biggest challenge of the day- the Inuit Blanket! Everyone participated in supporting the blanket so that our class volunteers could be lifted into the air, completely safe and supported by their classmates and helpful adults. Finally, many thanks to Paul our bus driver who had to follow the sander into the camp to pick us up at the end of the day, and Mr. ‘A’ for sharing the experience with us.

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