2015 Cardboard Boat Races

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Intermediate students from Glen Orchard P.S. participated in the 2015 Cardboard Boat Races, held at B.M.L.S.S.  Intermediate participants included Ben G., Coleson K., Abi T. and Julie W.  These students needed to create a boat plan and then build the boat using cardboard material.  Once the boat was built, the boat was put in the pool to make sure it would float and then 2 students got in the boat and raced it the length of the Sportsplex pool.  Julie and Abi placed first in this portion of the competion. Next, additional students were added to the boat until the boat began to sink.  The Glen Orchard cardboard boat carried a total of 268 kg (591 lbs).  These students placed 3rd overall.  Congratulations students.

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