Terry Fox Fundraiser for Cancer Research 

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Every year, Glen Orchard Public School (and schools across the board, the country and the world) recognize Terry Fox as a role model in the search for the cure for cancer. This year, we’d like to follow Terry’s Marathon of Hope by doing a walk-a-thon at school, from Sept. 20-28th. Students will be able to walk in Terry’s footsteps by getting pledges to walk as many kilometers as possible during physical education/outdoor periods and recess. Students will have a pledge sheet to gather names of sponsors and will collect and return the money to the school by the 28th (e.g. I pledge 25 cents a km. to Mrs. Wines…she walked 50 kms. so she will collect $12.50 ). Each participant will carry a card that will be stamped (by an adult) every time they complete a km. during our walks. The student with the most kms. will receive a prize, as well as the class that walks/runs the furthest.
Terry ran 5,373 kms. before he had to stop in Thunder bay… let’s see how close we can get to that!