Welcome to the Glen Orchard Library Web Page

Library Clerk: Janice Walker
The goal of our library is to empower students with a love of reading and also have them understand its’ importance in our society.  We realize that reading takes many forms today.  It can be done on the Internet, from a book, an E-reader, a newspaper, etc. It is also our hope that we are able to teach our students to be media literate and always question and think about the words that they read.
Our library holds three book fairs a year.  The first is held in late October and the second is held in February.  These are full price fairs where our library makes money to help with its expenses.  The last book fair of the year is held in June and this book fair is a ‘2 for 1’ fair.  Our library makes no profit on this fair.  Its purpose is to get books into the student’s hands for summer reading.
As community stakeholders we can all help support the library.
Students and Parents:
1)Our library holds Book fairs throughout the year.  These fairs are great fundraisers for the library.  Almost half of the money raised can be used to purchase books for our students.
2) Ensure that students are encourage to read on a regular basis.  Most classes will have book exchange time every week so your child(dren) should always have a book available to read.
3) Encourage your child(dren) to adhere to the due dates of the library.  It is very likely that the book they have signed out is also wanted by another student so the returning of materials on time is important.
4) When your family is finished with books and if they are still current and in good condition, please consider donating them to our library.
Community Businesses/Organizations:
Our library would love to be updated with new, more comfortable furniture and we would enjoy having some type of media service in our school.  Any assistance with these goals would be greatly appreciated.
Any donations made could also be used to increase and update our collection of materials.